Neurotransmitter family

Catecholamine - monoamine

Most common sites of action, and action exerted at those sites (excitatory/inhibitory/modulatory?)

Substantia Nigra and the Ventral Tegmental Area (Brain),

generally neuromodulatory - tends to lead to excitation by inhibiting inhibitory signals.

Receptors (type, differences in signaling depending on receptor?)

D1, D2, D3, D4, D5 - all metabotropic

Mechanism to stop signaling

Reuptake via the dopamine transporter

Behavioral outcomes of release

Voluntary movement, motivation, punishment, reward, cognition

Drugs that act on this system (where? what do they do? what is the behavioral outcome?)

Cocaine, amphetamine; Enjoyment and Reenforcement, Mesolimbic reward pathway of the brain.