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Neurotransmitter family


Most common sites of action, and action exerted at those sites (excitatory/inhibitory/modulatory?)

The norepinephrine system acts on a variety of different locations in the brain including:
-cingulate gyrus
-spinal cord

Receptors (type, differences in signaling depending on receptor?)

NE interacts with adrenergic receptors, of which there are at least two (alpha and beta), however, it MOSTLY interacts with the alpha receptors.

Mechanism to stop signaling


Behavioral outcomes of release

The release of norepinephrine is a result of the activation (excitation) of the sympathetic system; it prepares the body for vigorous activities, stress and emergencies (fight or flight response).
general arousal, increased attention and focus

Drugs that act on this system (where? what do they do? what is the behavioral outcome?)

some antidepressants